May 13, 2023

Pittard Park

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We are excited about the T-shirts with the Featured Artwork this year - they are gorgeous! And we have a new item that you'll find in your goodie bag.

announcing the 2023 festival featured artwork

The Winterville Marigold Festival and the Winterville Arts Council have chosen Miranda Bellah as winner of the 2023 Featured Artwork. Congratulations Miranda!

Miranda will have a booth at the Marigold Festival on May 13, and the artwork will be featured on t-shirts available at the Souvenir Booth the day of the Festival.




Miranda Bellah is an Athens based illustrator. Receiving a degree in Surface Design from SCAD in 2021, she now works as a remote artist for Kohl’s. Outside of work, her personal art is heavily inspired by nature with a focus on repurposing and waste reduction. When not creating she can usually be found walking in the woods with her horses and hound dog.